SAVLCDLasers tailor-made maintenance contracts. La Compagnie des Lasers delivers a comprehensive ad hoc maintenance service, both preventive and corrective. Our Support and Maintenance Department offers qualified maintenance contracts allowing you to choose between multiple predefined service-level options for various brands and medical aesthetic devices. While we mostly cover CANDELA and LASERSCOPE, we are however in a position to intervene rapidly in the event of a hardware or network failure relating to other brands or models.

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Support & Maintenance: 2 core values of La Compagnie des Lasers

Thanks to its special technical expertise La Compagnie des Lasers has been selling medical devices for a few years now. The commitment and skills of the LCDLasers engineers allows for the better improvement of the different mechanisms of all the devices repaired or, beyond that, equipments for sale.

Thus ensuring the maximum technological quality and speed you have come to expect from LCDLasers. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

Responsive priority response from the LCDLasers Support &  Maintenance Service: 98% on-site inspections in less than 48 hours

We operate and act on all our products and those of our partners in less than 48 hours throughout France and help to repair all equipment at the earliest possible opportunity.

To better respond to crisis situation, our stock of spare parts is constantly being replenished. In the event of an extra order for specific spare parts we get in touch with our network partners to receive the missing spare part(s) without delay.

Our top-most objective: increase customer satisfaction!

Online Support & Maintenance

SAVOur knowledge of the devices on which we operate enables us to:

  • walk you through troubleshoot any common incidents
  • help you with any training queries on your medical equipment
  • identify the causes of the failure depending on your specific operating system, hardware and software configuration
  • provide temporary solutions to avoid your business to be put in jeopardy while we take action