SMARTLUX SLIM multi-use LED lighting

SMARTLUX SLIM is a phototherapy device bearing the CE and FDA marking approval for medical devices manufactured by South Korea-based MEDMIX. The device is equipped with high-power SLD’s with a short wavelength. While using (laser equivalent) LED technology the device facilitates tissue stimulation and rapid revascularisation by enabling a various wavelength selection for various effects.

Thanks to its in-depth action SMARTLUX SLIM stimulates micro-circulation along with collagen production. The skin appears healthier, plumper and younger within approximately 6 weeks.

The simplified version of Smartlux Slim is called SMARTLUX MIN (LITE) :

Advantages and benefits of SMARTLUX SLIM:

  • 5 different heads
    Various wavelength selections
  • 2450 SLD’s
    High-intensity super luminous diodes
  • 20˚-30˚ divergence angle (degrees)
    Narrower divergence angle for intensified treatment results.
  • 90mm x 410mm active area
    Simple radiation therapy aiming all parts of the body
  • 1-5 energy intensity levels
    Personalised intensity-modulated radiotherapy
  • 60˚C LED light output
    Longer high-power LED life expectancy
  • Easy-to-use
    User-friendly interface, easy maintenance

Effect of the divergence angle:

Smartlux Slim LED light precision and narrow divergence angle help deliver optimal health care results.

The following illustrations clearly demonstrate how the impact of radiation therapy at tissue level outweighs the competitors’ products.

SMARTLUX SLIM multi-use LED lighting SMARTLUX SLIM multi-use LED lighting

Smartlux Slim Wound healing phase



nominale (nm)

Type de cellules/Niveau d’action
Inflammation Multiplication Remodelage Tout
Mast Neutro Macro Fibro Endo Fibro-myo Keratino
Panneau SMARTLUX Rouge


++ + ++ +++ +++ + +++
790 ++ ++


+++ +++ +++ + ++ +++ +++
904 +/-
Source : Calderhead, R. Glen. Lasers in Dermatology and Medicine, Springer London. 2012. 254p

Légende : Mast = Mastocytes, Neutro = Neutrophiles, Macro = macrophages, Fibro = Fibroblastes, Fibro-Myo = Transformation des fibroblastes en myofibroblastes, Keratino = Keratinocytes