SILCOOL – Cryolipolysis (fat freezing procedure)

SILCOOL is a specific device involved in cryotherapy, i.e. a technology using sub-freezing temperatures to heal diseased tissues. Such cooling technique relies on a controlled, non-invasive and pain-free cold-based treatment for the destruction of localised fat. A well-known principle called apoptosis.

The constant freezing of a fraction of adipose tissues via cryolipolysis leads to specific cell changes conducting to a programmed adipocyte death, permitting the fat cells to be excreted through the natural route within a few weeks. As a result, the fat is reduced by about 30% in a given area per session affecting neither skin nor muscles.

The advantages of Silcool can be seen in its versatile combination of options enabling:

  • a time-limited therapy
  • a safe, pain-free and non-invasive treatment
  • avoidance of the use of analgesics
  • removal of 2 to 5 centimeters of fat per cure
  • treatment of 2 areas at the same time
  • the use of 4 different types of handpieces
  • a minimum consumable cost
  • a hands-free use; the operator is only required for switching on or disconnect the unit
  • an easy use

Full results quickly noticeable after a few months post-treatment.

SILCOOL operating instructions

Which affected areas can be treated?

This treatment is particularly recommended for people storing fat in one or different parts of the body where diets have given little or no positive results.

These are the parts of the body most often affected by excessive weight:

  • sides
  • abdomen
  • underarm
  • saddlebags
  • back folds
  • inner thighs
  • buttocks

Targeted therapy using SILCOOL can be used to treat the above-mentioned parts through an outline of the affected areas.

Which alternative meddecin is available?

Silcool uses one of the latest cutting-edge technologies, thereby providing a viable alternative to the following treatments:

  • Surgery: liposuction procedures rely on a heavy treatment used to efficiently eliminate unflattering bulging fat, the post-surgery consequences of which are difficult to bear: regional anaesthesia, post-operative pain, temporary cessation of exercises and physical activities and use of compressive garments for some weeks after surgery. Moreover, it is an expensive therapy.
  • Radio-frequency: such treatment tends to give good results but at least 5 sessions are required.

The outcome of such therapy

When associated with a suitable diet in conjunction with some sporting activities the treatment shows extraordinary results. A waist reduction between 3 and 5 cm is frequently observed after just 1 60-min session in the abdomen or the side areas.

In terms of practical use, SILCOOL has 4 different types of medical handpieces that are selected based on the targeted areas. With SILCOOL two areas can be treated on the same day. The handpieces provides suction of the fat tissues on both sides via a Peltier effect cooling system.

The first half results start to show an initial positive effect after 4 to 6 weeks in a process spreading about 3 months.

The process can be performed in 3 treatment sessions per area in total when giving cause to an initial unsatisfactory fat reduction. Nevertheless, the process generates in most cases expected results after just 1 or 2 treatment sessions.

Product specification

Hyperthermia 37-45°C
Cryotherapy 5° to -9°C
Cooling cutput pressure 10 to 80 KPa
Treatment session duration 40 to 60 minutes
LED output Red diode (630 nm) : 50 mW x 4

Green diode (570 nm) : 50 mW x 4

User interface 8-inch colour touch screen
Input voltage 100/230VAC – 50/60 Hz – 400 VA
Packing size 495mm x 575mm x 950mm
Weight 45 Kgs




SILCOOL cooling cutput temperature: -6°C