COOLSYS – Cold air cooling system

COOLSYS - Cold air cooling System
Cryotherapy freezing treatment is in many cases recommended, especially in terms of pain management objectives related to:
  • pain relief
  • muscular relaxation
  • metabolism stimulation
  • edema reduction
  • reduction of inflammatory reaction

Product price: 6.600,00 EUR

SMARTLUX SLIM multi-use LED lighting

SMARTLUX SLIM multi-use LED lighting
SMARTLUX SLIM is a phototherapy device bearing the CE and FDA marking approval for medical devices manufactured by South...

Product price: 15.600,00 EUR

SMARTLUX MINI- Diversity of wavelength

Smartlux mini 1
A medical-aesthetic device all in one (3 colors per panel):
  • Automatic programs for treatments of :
    • the face,
    • the body,
    • the hair
    • and dental.
  • Ergonomic shape
  • High power LED and reduced divergence angle

Product price: 12.000,00 EUR