Streamline your activity with LUMEXIR IPL Pulsed Light.

CE medical device.

Latest-generation technology

LUMEXIR IPL pulsed light is a fusion of the latest modern technologies. Highly effective for photo-rejuvenation treatments, our device is above all recognised in terms of permanent hair removal. Concentrated engineering, its energy penetrates the deepest layers of the skin.

High power, combined with a repetition rate up to 10 shots per second, ensures excellent hair removal.


The SHR system

The device features an SHR (Super Hair Removal) system: a technology designed specifically for permanent hair removal. SHR is based on the emission of energy in motion, and as such offers very safe and effective results.

With this system, the handpiece is in continuous motion. This generates a gradual and gentle heat rise in the skin. This fluctuation in epidermal temperature occurs from the deepest layers of the dermis outwards. This process provides an effective, non-aggressive treatment that destroys the hair follicles once and for all.

The benefits:

LUMEXIR is a non-invasive treatment that can safely treat all skin types, including tanned skin (phototypes 1 to 5).

For perfect comfort, our device includes a cooling head reaching -6°C, making the sessions completely painless for the patient. What’s more, treatments can be carried out all year round.

The SHR handpiece also has the advantage of being highly cost-effective. In fact, up to 1 million shots per handpiece are possible.

As an option, and depending on your needs, a wide range of additional treatments can be carried out in a single unit, using the E-light system. 

E-light system


LUMEXIR can be used in a variety of ways:

LUMEXIR allows you to offer your customers a large variety of treatments thanks to the E-light system :


Treatment of spider veins Acne Dermal rejuvenation  Pigmentation spots Permanent hair removal
LUMEXIR generates coagulation and vasoconstriction of the vessels by photo-sclerosis.

The lymphatic system takes over to purify the treated area.

Eliminates the bacteria responsible for infection formation on the skin thanks to a photon bombardment. Acts on the proteins that assemble collagen fibres to improve skin elasticity, making small wrinkles and deep marks disappear, as well as normalising the secretion of pores and sebum. Acts on the melanin pigments in skin spots, reducing them and obtaining a color  similar to that of the rest of the skin. Fast and painless on all hair types and phototypes 1 to 5. Ideal for completing laser hair removal treatments and eliminating some residual hair, such as fine, poorly pigmented hair.

Technical specifications :

  • Cooling system : semiconductor + air + water
  • Sapphire cooling : ≤ 0 -6°C
  • Net weight : 24kg
  • Maximum power : 1500W
  • Equipment : 1 operator goggles + 1 opaque patient protection, 1 SHR handpiece, 1 mains cable, 1 foot switch, water filling accessory, 1 SR handpiece (optional)


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