i-LASE is a brand-new triple-wavelength laser diode technology, combining know-how and artificial intelligence.

CE medical device.

The technological excellence

Designed for state-of-the-art optimal treatment, i-LASE is a laser diode driven by artificial intelligence for intelligent skin diagnosis.

Configuring the machine by scanning the skin, the artificial intelligence detects the characteristics of the area to be treated, recommends the best treatment parameters and adapts the size of the sapphire.

This high-quality device promises unprecedented, rapid and long-lasting results through personalized treatment.


Triple wavelength technology :

I-LASE technology features 3 wavelengths, combined in a single applicator. Our laser offers optimum comfort of use according to the needs.

  • 755nm : for light, residual hair.
  • 808 nm : the preferred hair removal solution for all skin types, offering unrivaled comfort and results.
  • 1064 nm : preferred wavelength for dark to black skin, vascular lesions on legs and face.

A complete, accessorized laser :

Our device offers 3 different-sized tips. This makes hair removal easier and more effective, no matter where on the body treatments need to be apply.

3 different-sized tips for maximum efficiency


More, i-LASE has 2 applicators that can operate simultaneously.

Our device also includes a German LIMO lens. This provides excellent beam focusing to eliminate a greater number of hair follicles.

Intuitive, its large touchpad gives easy access to the different programs, in a simple, fast and fluid way.

Large touchscreen gives access to all device functions and much more.

Well-being and efficiency :

i-LASE has a minimum pulse time of 2ms. For practitioner comfort, an articulated arm system is included to reduce weight. This allows fatigue-free, one-handed operation.

Innovative and sophisticated, i-LASE features a powerful cooling system that can cool down to -18 degrees in just 2 minutes, making treatment totally painless and comfortable.

A personalized and respectful treatment for all skin tones thanks to diode laser and Artificial Intelligence

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