With Excelsior live the experience LED 3.0 technology – a revolutionary technology and probably the most innovative to date for permanent hair removal. Offering the highest efficiency in hair removal systems.

A high light energy for low power consumption, thanks to high power OPT LED technology.


EXCELSIOR: A revolutionary and innovative new technology for permanent hair removal


1. High power for excellent clinical results

The total power of the EXCELSIOR LED is 2400W, including a processing power of up to 1200W.

This processing power is achieved by using 12 LED chips, each rated at 100W. The energy density is up to 60-70% higher than conventional LED.


2. High speed & frequency shooting

Thanks to the Excelsior frequency (1-10 Hz), makes the device one of the fastest light systems on the market for permanent hair removal.


3. High speed & frequency shooting

The Excelsior applicator’s shell is sturdy and ergonomic to provide the user with the best possible experience and allow him to reach some of the most difficult-to-reach areas of the body.











4. Smart interface

Excelsior’s interface offers four different processing modes: SHR, static, continuous, and expert.


What is LED?

OPT LED technology is based on LED chips (made in the USA), which emit a high-powered LED light source across a very narrow wavelength spectrum: from 755 nm to 880 nm.

The LED light is very effective in targeting melanin in the hair follicle for permanent hair removal. Thanks to the broad spectrum of light, it can be used on all phototypes and hairs, even ingrown hairs.



Technical specifications  :

Total power: 2400W
Processing power: 1200W
Durable: Capable of up to 100 million shots.
Large sapphire size: 17 x 22mm (3.74cm2)
Wavelength: The wavelength of the light is close to infrared (spectrum from 755 to 880nm)
ICE-TEC cooling system: Operating temperature between -5 and -15°c during treatments.
Easy maintenance: No consumables
Minimum divergence of LED light: Better penetration thanks to low beam divergence angle (<15%)


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