SHINY-EVO is an IPL device (Intense Pulsed Light) certified medical CE. The device adopts OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology), which emits constant energy for optimal clinical results. To do so, it uses the three-dimensional technological concept: energy + pulse time + waveform.

SHINY-EVO offers improved efficiency but also increased safety thanks to better light distribution.

SHINY-EVO got a large sapphire size: 7.5 cm², and 2 dedicated applicators. This offers a wide range of treatments, such as hair removal, photorejuvenation, acne, vascular, wrinkles removal and pigmented lesions treatments.

Advantages of SHINY-EVO

  • Up to 300,000 shots per applicator
  • Large sapphire size: 7.5 cm²
  • Firing frequency up to 10 Hz
  • Powerful skin cooling
  • Best value for money on the market
  • Fast and efficient after-sales service
  • Max. power 35 joules
  • Depilation and anti-ageing handpieces supplied
  • Low cost of use

Innovative technology for photorejuvenation and hair removal!

Detailed advantages of SHINY-EVO

  • Large spot size and firing frequency up to 10 Hz

With a spot size of 15×50 mm and a frequency of 10 Hz, the processing time is 3.5 times faster. That is to say that a face can be treated in 15 minutes and legs in just 30 minutes!

  • It maximises patient comfort thanks to the continuous cooling system

Advanced cooling technology to maintain a constant cooling of the skin during the treatment. But also to minimise the risk of burns by providing increased treatment comfort for the patient.

  • The simple and intuitive graphical interface

The graphical interface is intuitive and welcoming. It offers a professional mode for experts & a smart and simple mode with predefined parameters for beginners.

  • The two applicators with narrow bandwidths

SHINY-EVO is equipped with filters with a narrow bandwidth, consequently, the results obtained are impressive!

1st applicator: 640-950 nm for depilation (usually 610-1200 nm)

2nd applicator: 530-950 nm for photo rejuvenation (usually 510-1200 nm)

  • Equipped with 6 Japanese made capacitors (10,000 µf each) for fast charging time
  • A 3000 W square wave power supply that delivers uniform and constant energy
  • A German-made pulse xenon lamp with up to 300,000 flashes
  • A stable energy supply

The constant energy supplied by the SHINY-EVO allows a safe treatment and maximises the effects of the treatment for all skin types.

  • Adjustable cooling system

SHINY-EVO’s solid-state cooling system can be controlled with a fingertip. It also maintains a constant temperature of the treated area once it is set. To conclude, this cooling system is designed to minimise patient pain and side effects.

For further information, contact us and ask for a demonstration! Our sales team travels all over France and Europe.


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