A variety of pre-set programme options

Calibration settings or values have been saved in order to facilitate the use of the device.

Data recording of each patient along with their profile for later use is also possible.

R2PL, an IDS Laser IPL system

Product specifications

Light source IPL (direct illumination via Xenon lamp)
Light spectrum (wavelength) 415-950nm / 490-950nm / 560-950nm / 590-950nm
Radiant energy density (radiant exposure 5 à 40J/cm2
Laser spot size 10 x 34mm
Pulse sequence. Simple, double ou triple.
Time pulse. 2 to 35ms
Pulse interval 3 to 60ms
Fréquence. 0.5Hz to 1Hz (+/-10%)
Light transmission Sapphire
Cooling temperature -1-4°C (when limit set to 0°C)
Weight and dimensions (H x W x D) 50(h)X56.5(p)X106.5(h)cm / 73 kgs
Power 230V/16A, 50/60Hz

The Benefits

  • A quick run-up time
  • No consumable needed
  • A playful interface